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KRCC Annual Fundraiser
KRCC Annual Fundraiser

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  • KRCC has offered a Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) that targets low-income youth of color aged between 14 and 19 on the north side of the city of Chicago for the past seventeen years. We offer youth opportunities for cultural arts education, college and academic assistance, leadership development, and community organizing and advocacy in after school programming five days a week. Fighting Youth Shouting Out For Humanity (FYSH) is a youth leadership council that developed out of the after school programs and works on self directed campaigns, which have included a workplace justice campaign for youth and the Dream Act campaign.

  • KRCC seeks to promote cultural diversity and appreciation for ethnic cultural arts among community members and the larger public with its Cultural programming. KRCC's resident Korean American artist group IlKwaNori (Work and Play) assists cultural staff with program planning and implementation. Specializing in the rural folk percussion of pungmul, IlKwaNori preserves and promotes Korean cultural heritage through regional tours, workshops and public performances. Steeped in music, dance, and theater, pungmul is one of the most appreciated cultural traditions originating from Korea. KRCC offers structured class series to teach pungmul and fan dance to about 150 participants annually.

  • KRCC offers Social Services including citizenship workshops, classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) and computer literacy; and translation/interpretation services. The ESL classes are offered at two levels, beginner and intermediate. KRCC provided Adult Literacy education to 135 students last year. To assist community members in gaining citizenship, KRCC participates in the New Americans Initiative, providing citizenship application workshops, and walk-in appointments. We provided citizenship services to 380 clients in 2012.

  • KRCC's Community Advocacy and Mobilization work is focused on Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation (CIR) and the DREAM Act. In collaboration with national and local partners, the center amplifies the vital message from the community calling for reform. According to a community survey we conducted in 2012, there is widespread support for immigration reform to provide fair and humane pathways to citizenship. Therefore, the center remains committed to advocating for such reform.

  • One of the most important recent accomplishments is the Early Voting Day that KRCC organized for the Korean American community during the 2012 elections. The turnout was over 800 and the community, dispersed in the suburbs, had a positive experience of voting together to see their own power in action.

  • KRCC received the Ron Sable Award for Activism from the Crossroads Fund in 2006 and the Asian American Institute honored KRCC's youth leadership council with the Milestone Award in 2008. Three KRCC board members were named by Congressman Mike Quigley(District 5) for their outstanding contribution to the community in his congressional record in 2009. The Immigrant Youth Justice League gave KRCC's youth leadership council an award for their "resilience in the fight for immigrant rights" at their third anniversary gala in January 2013.

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